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The little people say thanks...
From: Chris - DJ Nameless
"I have to say, spectacular site. I've referred bands to your site more than any other resource I've had my hands on. You've been a big help to both myself (in being an aide, indie musician, and A&R; correspondant) and to many, many, many friends and colleagues of mine. Huge kudos for putting this site together, its an invaluable resource. It has information for both people who have been in the business for years, as well as for beginners, and I think thats a great thing these days. Keep up the good work!"
From: BandThings.Com
"the yahoo of indie sites"
From: Wayne Todd and His Life of Sin Records
"I just wanted to tell you I LOVE THE SITE! I wish I knew about you a couple of years ago when I was just getting started. Thank you so much for making this valuable information available to one and all."
From: Stan Getz II @ A+R Record, Tape & CD Mfg. Inc.
"I think your site is top notch!! Our company & many like us are still in business because of INDEPENDENT LABELS. VINYL'S BACK!! Thanks."
From: Ashley @ Newbury Comics
"I want to tell you what a great job you've done with indiecentre. I have passed the URL along to a few of my friends who run indie labels as a top notch resource."
From: Bill @ Blackout! Records
"We've been plugging away at our hardcore/punk label for 8 years now, and your site is a great reference for those just starting out, or even some of us "seasoned" veterans."
From: Steve @ Go Zombie Records
"This is a great site when you're stuck in problem areas. My hard copy of the Mechanic's Guide has long since fallen to pieces and I'm glad to have dropped in here."
From: David DeGuzman @ Musician Magazine
"Wanted to let you know that I admire the work you've put into the indie site - looks great, very logical, and very rich in USEFUL content."
From: Chris Taylor @ Pretty Chicken Records
"I just wanted to say that the content on the indiecentre page is just amazing, EXACTLY everything I was looking for for the record label I'm trying to get off the ground."
From: Mark Twistworthy @ Texas Punk Page
"Your page is excellent. I work in a small indy record store here in Houston, and occasionally people come in asking what I know about putting out records. A few different times, I've brought your page up on the computer we have up there and printed stuff out for people. It's really come in very helpful."
From: Jim Santo @ Demo Universe
"Good work! indiecentre is already an important resource for DIY musicians, and promises to just get better."
From: WiL @ Yuck Records
"Really enjoyed your page. I just started an indie label and I really can't say just how much your info/links helped me get my feet off the ground."
From: Slim @ Kill Rock Stars
"Wow, the indiecentre page totally rules! Millions of people constantly ask me questions that are all answered in your site."
From: Scott @ Internet Music Review Service
"Great resources for indies you have going."
From: h k @ farrago records
"I know everything's under construction, but it looks like you've got a very good start. Kudos for starting something that is very badly needed (figure the Simply Machines DIY book is a good primer, but additional resources were/are badly needed). Cheers!"
From: Jan
"Thanks for the great site. I've given the URL to at least five people and told everybody I know who's DIY to check it out. What you're doing 'right' is you've created a space that supports open exchange of really valuable info. I'm looking forward to checking the site regularly and telling lots more people about it..."

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