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31-May-1999 News
Newest (and last) version of Simple Machines' Introductory Mechanic's Guide is now up. Thanks, Kristin!
07-Feb-1999 News
I am a very lazy man. Look for information tidbits and many much more changes coming in February.
03-Dec-1998 News
Still haven't set up information tidbits back into the site. They're coming, along with the cute little graphics telling you what all a company does when you view its listing.
27-Oct-1998 News
All company listings are now within the database. Informational links and resources will be added shortly.

Also, you can add your own comments directly on the company profile screen! Oooo! Go enter all the juicy experiences you have had with the listed companies -- both good and bad. Let the other viewers know what has gone down...

Coming soon: ability to add companies directly as well as search the database.
25-Oct-1998 News
I've entered half the company listings, leaving only Manufacturing (the big one) still lacking for a few more days yet. Information (web site, resources) will be coming afterwards.

Also, my web provider seems to be flaky at times, with my service down twice this week for several hours each time. If the web site isn't up, keep trying back later!
19-Oct-1998 News
[indiecentre] has been reborn into a database driven DIY website that is now located on my very own webserver. I hope the makeover helps you even more in finding the necessary information to release your own album.

As of now, the company listings database is empty and many of the menu options are not selectable. Over the course of the next week, I'll be hand entering much of the old, manually tracked data into the system. Keep on checking back for all of the valuable company listings and DIY articles on how to release your own albums.
30-Apr-1998 News
[indiecentre] rises like a phoenix from the ashes, and is now found at www.indiecentre.com.
07-Jul-1996 News
Added new 1996 version of Simple Machines guide.
02-Jun-1996 News
[indiecentre] now includes houses the offical web adaptation of Simple Machines' guide to releasing your own album.
03-Dec-1995 News
The birth of [indiecentre].

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